Reach for the stars
but cherish the soil.

The BioChar Unlimited Difference

Biochar Unlimited is committed to finding microbial answers for better lives in a growing world. We present new microbial products for agriculture that boost agricultural productivity. We offer a portfolio of microbial-based solutions that are designed to help you produce more with less and do so in a sustainable way that benefits agriculture, consumers and the environment.  These products are easy to use and can be applied on a variety of crop types.

Our inoculants provide diversity among organisms and create resilience improving soil structure and nutrient exchange by moderating stressful conditions and creating a stable habitat for microbes. We Charge and inoculate our biochar allowing you to hit the ground running on crop production, jump starting your soil food web, and restoring damaged soils.

For large scale application of biochar to your soil you will want to consider a soil mix. We work with the most established Agri-service companies to bring you a mix that best suits your needs. Our custom soil blends include beneficial organisms and microbial foods that are developed for your specific crop. We call them “designer chars”. Let us get started on your designer char today.