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Evaluation of Biochar for On-Farm Soil Management in California

October 17, 2017 by: timothyduddy

Sanjai J. Parikh1, Associate Professor of Soil Chemistry, William R. Horwath1, Prof. Soil Biogeochemistry, Daniel Geisseler1, Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist, Milt McGiffen2, Veg. Crops Spec. & Vice Chair for Coop. Ex,  Michelle Leinfelder-Miles3, Coop. Ex. Farm Adv,  Toby A. O’Geen1, Soil Resource Specialist, Kate M. Scow1, Professor of Soil Microbiology, Danielle Gelardi1, PhD Student in… Read More »

Face The Current Magazine

July 5, 2017 by: timothyduddy

Water, Food and Air: Saving the World with Activated Biochar By Eric Marley When I was born, in the middle 1960’s, there were 3.6 billion people living on our planet. We had yet to face a real oil crisis and no one spoke of global climate change. Every autumn, my dad would take our family… Read More »